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Artist Invite

   We are thrilled to partner with Mexican American & Latinx artists at MexAmeriCon. We want to showcase your artistry through comics. As a vibrant community that values diversity and creativity, MexAmeriCon aims to provide a platform for talented artists like yourself to showcase your work, connect with fellow creators, and engage with fans who appreciate the richness of your cultural perspectives. Whether you're an established professional or an emerging talent, your unique voice and vision will enrich our convention experience.

Gallery of Artists

This is a collection of some of the artists who have previously participated in MexAmeriCon. 

We encourage you to spread the word and recommend MexAmeriCon to anyone in your network interested in participating.


From young aspiring artists seeking inspiration, to seasoned comics creators looking for opportunities to connect with the community. let's make MexAmericon 2024 and beyond a gathering filled with creativity, collaboration, and celebration of the diverse narratives that define our shared heritage.

If you are interested in joining our Artist lineup, send us a bio and examples of your work to


We look forward to hearing from you!

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