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We are MexAmeriCon.

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Our mission is to celebrate the heroes and the storytelling of our beautiful Mexican American and Latinx community, no matter what form or medium that may take. We’re here for our community, our culture, and of course, the comics! 

MexAmeriCon, Austin’s first Mexican American and Latinx Comic Book Convention (Comic Con) is annually produced by a group of dedicated volunteers who grew up reading comic books and believe in the value of our art and culture.  Our focus at MexAmeriCon is to create a positive and inclusive environment for both artists and attendees to unite and share.

MexAmeriCon's programming is presented FREE and open to the public to remove any paywall for attendance and to encourage attendees to put their hard earned money towards supporting our featured artists. Our annual programming serves to showcase Mexican American and Latinx artists who work through the medium of comic books, graphic novels, zines and other related media. Our programming has included panel discussions, artist & creator alleys, live music, cosplay, artisan vendors, lowriders and much more!

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